Exploring the olden days!

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Year 2 Students exploring the olden days

During History lessons this term, the Year 2 students have been exploring the olden days. We have learned about how people communicated, the chores children were given, what school was like and even how people listened to music in the past. To celebrate the end of this History unit, the students participated in our ‘Olden Day’. We all dressed up as students and teachers from the past. Our hair and nails had to be checked in the morning for cleanliness and we had to make sure we stood and sat straight all day! Some of the students even received the (pretend) cane! We sat at our desks in rows and were not allowed to talk when we were working! Our wonderful parent helpers made us delicious stew with bread and butter for lunch. It has been very interesting comparing what life was like in the past to how we live today!

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Virtual Reality Anti-Bullying Incursion

05 April 2018

Anti-Bullying incursion

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Dear St James' Community- WELCOME BACK!

27 February 2018

Don't forget the war cry. Orange, Orange, Orange……..Oi, Oi, Oi.

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28 June 2018

Year 5 ASC Band Day

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29 June 2018

HASS/DT Guppie Tank - During House Time

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29 June 2018

WASO Open Rehearsal

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