Shrove Tuesday

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In Kindergarten, we cooked pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The Kindergarten staff were feeling a little apprehensive as this is our very first (of many!)  cooking projects in Kindy.

The children were very excited to be the chefs and to have the responsibility of measuring, cracking, pouring, stirring, tipping and flipping! Cooking is a fantastic activity for teaching so many important skills. Together we used maths to measure, estimate and count. We used Literacy to create our recipe and retell the steps involved using our oral language. We worked on many social skills such as turn taking, collaboration and team work. Most importantly we talked about our health, the produce and where our food comes from. 

The children were amazing pancake chefs, we only lost 5 pancakes to the floor due to overexcited pancake flippers. We are still working on our fine motor control J 

Pancake cooking was so successful; the Kindergarten Chefs have put in requests for the recipes they wish to cook over the year. This includes; Sausage rolls, Cupcakes, Fried rice, Sushi, Pasta, Cookies, Salad, Curry, Ginger bread people and Risotto! We are certainly going to be very busy in Kindergarten. We will keep you updated with our latest recipes and inventions.


Miss Asha Rojahn

Kindergarten Teacher

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