Pastoral Care at St James’

Pastoral care is the responsibility of the whole school community. The scope of Pastoral Care embraces the network of relationships among students, all staff (including teaching, education support, maintenance, administration and Principal) and parents.

When parents send their children off to school they expect the environment to be challenging academically, but safe for them to grow and discover their strengths. Policy and protocol are a reality in the modern world, but relationships and a caring environment should always precede paperwork.

The emotion of children, teenagers, stereotypes, teachers, conforming, academia and friendships, can all combine to create high stakes which must be resolved daily.

It creates an atmosphere in which children feel secure, know that they are valued and are encouraged in their learning, growth and social development within a healthy and safe environment

Pastoral care at St James’ has its foundations in good relationships and mutual respect. 

The current world climate creates many external pressures that we must help our students understand, and develop strategies that will help them cope with the changing demands in our daily lives.

In a world of uncertainty, the best we can do as educators is create an environment that has some certainty and that encourages the tools to survive not only today, but also for tomorrow. 

Pastoral care at St James’ aims to deliver this.

In summary:

  • To create a learning environment where children are safe and challenged
  • To communicate to our students, values and beliefs, that are in keeping with our Christian ethos
  • To ensure that children develop academically, socially, physically and spiritually
  • To help children grow in self-esteem, confidence and independence of thought
  • To protect children from physical, social, emotional and intellectual harm and to provide them with the skills to cope with possible threats to their personal safety
  • To encourage safe use of Information Technology with special reference to the internet
  • To encourage empathy in our students
  • To celebrate diversity and welcome everyone to St James’ Anglican School
  • To recognize the traditional custodians of the land we inhabit

St James’ has specific policies regarding the safety and wellbeing of our students. Please visit the policy section of our website or parent handbook for more specific information.

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