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The School name of St James was chosen from among those recommended by the Anglican Schools Commission Naming Sub-Committee.

St James the Greater – derived from his age, not status – has often been symbolised by a scallop shell. Not only was he a fisherman until he and his brother John were called by Jesus, but the scallop shell is also a symbol of pilgrimage. James is mentioned as the first of the disciples to go on a missionary journey. Scallop shells not only reflect this heritage of St James and are the symbol of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain with which by legend he has been linked, but they also reflect the coastal region of Alkimos. Furthermore, scallop shells are also used in many churches for the pouring of water in Baptism, of new life in Christ. It is therefore appropriate that the scallop shell is a prominent  symbol in the St James’ Anglican School crest.

St James is also the first of the Apostles recorded as being martyred for his faith – Acts 12.2 – circa 44AD by King Herod Agrippa I: “He [King Herod] had James, the brother of John, killed with the sword”. In many depictions relating to St James, the cross of St James is pointed at the base. In some depictions a sword is shown while in other images relating to St James a pilgrim’s staff is shown. A cross with a pointed base is another key symbol in the St James’ Anglican School crest.

The shield of the School Crest which envelopes the shell and the cross, was chosen for its clean modern style, one which evokes the traditions of an heraldic shield but without the design flourishes which can be seen on older crests.

The mitre surmounts the shield, symbolic of the Holy Spirit whose tongues of fire settled on the heads of Jesus’ Apostles [including St James] at Pentecost. The mitre is only worn by bishops, in the Christian tradition. As ‘episcope’ or overseers, bishops are symbols of unity within their diocese and from one diocese to another.  The three intertwining strands on the mitre of the St James’ Anglican School crest, are taken from and used with the kind permission of Archbishop Roger Herft – they represent the three rivers flowing through the three Dioceses in which he has served as Bishop: the Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, the Hunter in Newcastle, New South Wales and the Swan in Perth, Western Australia.

The motto for St James’ Anglican School is WISDOM FAITH SERVICE and it reflects the following:

  • Wisdom                 deep knowledge and understanding; and how to best apply it
  • Faith                        in God; the faith of the Church; faith in one another; the journey of faith
  • Service                   to others above self; being bold yet humble; a servant to all

The colours of St James’ Anglican School crest are Royal Blue and Orange – colours which have an association with St James and which will provide a distinctive uniform for the students of St James’ Anglican School in the northern suburbs of Perth and among their peers at ASC and WAASA schools.

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