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With the end of term approaching and Semester One Reports pending, this is often a time to reflect on the first half of the year and plan for the changes that may be needed to maximise potential. Every teacher is hopeful for productive conversations between parents and students once they receive the report, aimed at helping find the best way forward. We are the educational professionals who can give advice on exactly what is needed and have tried to convey this on the report.

The mid-year break can provide an opportunity to get away as a family and put the pressures of education on hold. Use the time wisely to talk to your children but not re-tread the same conversations and make the entire time a stressful experience. All students develop at different rates and need the support to succeed from teachers, parents and even friends. My challenge for all St James’ families this break is to look at the richness their child brings when they are at their best and use that to foster strong relationships. The best thing you can do when you look at the Semester Report is to ask your child ‘How can I help?’ This will open up communication in preference to the anger and disappointment that can be felt when the crucial conversation starts with the wrong tone.

All students are not destined for a career pathway that revolves around Maths, English, Science and Humanities. Many will follow artistic, sporting, musical or trades pathways that will see them live happy and fulfilling lives and this period will be a distant memory. Try and make it a fond memory!

We are a community that hopes to work together to support your child and celebrate the success of those who find education easy and those who find it a little more challenging.


Adrian Pree

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