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Leadership in education is often misunderstood by parents who become focused on only those with a title attached to their name. Society in general feels the need to describe each individual with a specific description that differentiates that person from another. Education is a unique environment where each individual teacher is a leader of the students that they come into contact with daily.

A great deal of responsibility falls to teachers each and every day as they plot their way through a lesson plan that was hatched hours, days or even months before. The delivery of the lesson at the coal face is what defines a good teacher from a great teacher. This educational leadership that we are all reliant on each day to influence the development of our children, is a great responsibility that must be reflected upon occasionally.

Teaching is a very rewarding profession, and something that we as a school must recognise as the most pivotal aspect of what will make St James’ effective as a successful educational community.

Internal leadership opportunities arise that allow staff to develop advanced leadership skills which help direct specific sub-groups within the School. This notion of teaching teams, sub-schools, learning areas and pastoral groups are the fabric of each school, and help keep the individual cogs of improvement turning.

Mr Dan Mornement has been filling the vital leadership role as Director of Primary for the past year. Dan has been a long serving member of the Anglican Schools Commission and has earned his leave after nine years of involvement. Mr Mornement has taken on this role with great enthusiasm for helping guide St James’ through its formative years. He is passionate about making our School the best in the region.

Whilst Mr Mornement is on leave, Mr Nicholas Townsend has been appointed to this role during Term Three. Mr Townsend has also had a long history in the ASC, and has previously filled leadership roles at Peter Carnley Anglican School. He is an exceptional teacher in his own right, and has applied his excellent organisational skills to provide a solid start for Semester Two.

I encourage you to welcome Mr Townsend as the new Director of Primary for Term Three.

In addition, Mrs Stacey Syme has been filling the role as Year Seven Coordinator. Mrs Syme has set the School on a solid pathway with her excellent leadership of the secondary team. Semester Two will see Mrs Fiona Monger take over this role, as she hopes to take our current Year Seven group into Year Eight in 2017. Mrs Monger will remain as Year Coordinator, which should allow her to build strong bonds with these students and help respond quickly to their educational and pastoral needs.

I look forward to a strong, clear, engaging leadership group to take us forward into the second half of 2016.  I hope to see us all work together as a community to support these staff who have decided that they would like to take on additional responsibility for the betterment of St James’.


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