Once you are a member of the ‘Orange Army’, you will be so forever!

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Dear Parents

After seven weeks of surviving the Christmas holidays, the reprieve that all parents look for has arrived. Term 1 is well underway as we approach the end of the third week. Friendships have formed between old and new students as they negotiate a new class, a new teacher and even a new school. The stress that can occur at the start of a school year is almost palpable.

  • We heard Mr X is very strict
  • We wanted Mrs Y because she is so nurturing
  • Mr J doesn’t give enough homework

These concerns are often the result of one event that has been turned into folklore by a parent/ student/ teacher who once had a situation that did not get resolved. The truth is often a compromise between all the concerned parties and the stories they cling to. In general, any event that occurs with a teacher does help re-shape them as they try and find a better way to do things in the future. No teacher comes to school to try and make their difficult job even more difficult.

The commodity we deal in every day, our core business is educating students in the most supportive, effective way that we possibly can. The speedbumps that occur as we navigate our way through the emotions of educating children are constant. Each child is the most precious commodity of each family, so the stakes are high when we don’t always get it perfectly right for each student.

My vision for a perfect school includes the core idea of ‘mutual purpose’. Our mutual purpose is to educate each student with attention to detail of their personal learning needs. Each parent wants the same, with specific attention to their own child. If we can all begin every conversation with this ideal in mind, we have the best chance of finding resolution at each of these speedbumps.

Help us to become a strong community that communicates well, does not listen to half-truths and seeks to solve all problems with a positive approach to the way forward. If we can achieve this, we shall be known as a ‘Great School’.

I am proud to have the opportunity to help create a School that seeks more than just an education. Once you are a member of the ‘Orange Army’, you will be so forever!


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