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Farewell Rio- Hello NAPLAN

The Olympic Games are over for another four years. The London Olympics were seen as a failure for Australia. We expected to dominate in the pool, and we did not. The Australian people had high expectations, and the Government responded with a more rigorous screening process. Swimmers were forced to swim qualifying times that were within the top eight times ever achieved in their chosen event. This was supposed to ensure that only legitimate medal contenders were sent to the games. This would seem to be a responsible financial approach.

The end result-a similar weak performance by the swimming team. The stars who were expected to shine, did not. The Australian public was disappointed, team officials began in-fighting and blaming each other. Life often comes down to the desire of an individual to overcome adversity, perform at capacity, achieve great things. Unfortunately, we are all human, and we have doubts. The great thing about life is that there will always be another chance. For these athletes, it may be Japan in 2020.

NAPLAN results will filter into our community this week. Like the Olympics, some parents will be pleased with what they see. Some will have prepared, and yet still achieved weaker results than they would have liked. The reality is that this test gives us a narrow indication of student ability at a given time. It is a useful tool when combined with others. It is not a time to panic. It is a time to plan.

We as a school will use these results to help us understand where we can identify areas of need. As teachers, we will work with students and parents to target areas of perceived weakness. This will need to be at both a general and specific level. Just like athletes preparing for the next Olympics, we will focus on areas that need development, we will work on building resilience, and helping our students become better learners.

Look at your child’s results, absorb them, talk to your class teacher, and make a strategy going forward. Rio is over, NAPLAN is over. Bring on Japan!

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