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It seems sad that we are already at Week 7 of Term 1. I have heard others comment that the older you get the more quickly time passes. Once I am older I will tell you if that is true, but for now, I will focus on us living each day to its greatest potential.

I have enjoyed being out talking to students this week who are all wishing the years away hoping for the next facility to be completed at school. Our students are in the unique situation that they will live for most of their school life with something new coming along every year. This is exciting, but sometimes makes us focus on the structures and not the experiences. Bigger buildings, more expensive technology, luxury educational items all pale into insignificance if the teacher delivering the lesson is not skilled, enthusiastic and caring.

At St James’ our focus is to foster these relationships and deliver strong, resourceful educated problem solvers to the world. We hope that one of our graduates may find cures for diseases, improve global sustainability, or even simply become a caring citizen with strong values.

I am working with the teachers to establish a clear pathway for improving the delivery of our lessons. As this new project rolls out, we should see staff working in focus groups to pass on key skills to others. This concept of having teachers aware of the 6 identified teaching methods and then becoming skilled at these over time will see improvement in all learning settings.

I would like to congratulate the parents, students and staff at St James’ in the first few weeks of 2017 as we enjoy a positive path forward in establishing the best school in the North. Those of you who know me will know that the next goal will be the best school community in the Metropolitan area.

Say hello to someone new, introduce old friends to new, offer an olive branch to someone with differing views; become one of the Orange Army in the true sense of the word.



Mr Adrian Pree



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