St James’ Mission & Values

Our Vision

As centres of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship, and service, the schools of the Anglican Schools Commission are distinctively Christian communities, fulfilling the Gospel imperative to teach the faith and nurture the young.

Our Core Purpose

To establish and maintain a low-fee Anglican school, which will provide a high quality, inclusive, caring Christian education.

Our Core Values

Faith - Living by Gospel values

Excellence - Pursuing high standards in all things

Justice - Demonstrating fairness, compassion and conviction

Respect - Respecting self, others and our planet

Integrity - Acting with honesty and openness

Diversity - Promoting social inclusion and celebrating difference

The purpose of a Church school is to foster growth in character and develop a set of values and skills, by teaching and example in a Christian setting, through all the activities of school life.

Therefore the aims of this School are:

  • To stimulate an awareness and understanding of our spiritual nature and our Christian heritage
  • To provide, in a caring environment, a broad-based education which emphasizes development of literacy and numeracy skills and the striving for excellence so that each student may be encouraged to develop to his/her maximum potential
  • To develop inquiring and flexible minds and an attitude to life which involves a sense of direction, a positive self-concept, and the personal resources with which to lead a full life
  • To encourage and develop qualities of respect for others, self discipline, self-motivation and commitment and resilience
  • To develop a system of pastoral care based on Christian beliefs and values and involving all staff and students at every level of the school community
  • To provide a framework enabling a sense of community to pervade all aspects of school life, and allowing for the development of a community of students, staff and parents in positive collaboration

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