Our Approach

The St James’ Difference

At St James’ we provide an enriching, holistic education founded on Gospel values. We foster individual student potential, providing opportunities for each person to achieve excellence in every aspect of school life.

St James’ is proud to be an Anglican school in which students are nurtured in the Christian faith and encouraged to use its beliefs and values as a basis for living.

We offer a broad curriculum, encompassing academic and vocational subjects and a wide range of co-curricular activities.  We create opportunities for our students to accept responsibility, demonstrate commitment and initiative and show sensitivity to the needs of others.

We are a safe and caring school, valuing every member of our school community and encouraging our students to become active contributors to society.

We believe that our stimulating learning environment, our Christian principles and our encouragement of excellence in all that our students do, will enable them to be lifelong learners prepared for the opportunities life offers them.

St James’ Anglican School has been growing from a small school established in 2015, with 161 students commencing in the first school year, to close to 1000 students in 2023.

Establishing a new school has been an exciting process – a process that has required all involved to have a vision for what the School will be like in 10, 20, 30 years’ time when it is at full capacity. The Architects have worked with the School to deliver buildings that are equipped for modern-day schooling and that are able to cope with the predicted future demands that the expected growth will place on them. They also designed the Junior School buildings to embrace the nautical theme of the suburb, as Alkimos is named after the local shipwreck of SS Alkimos, a Greek-owned merchant ship that sank in 1963.

St James’ offers an extensive range of camps, co-curricular clubs and sporting programs that provide opportunities for students to acquire and develop new skills, integrating these activities with our broad curriculum base.

St James’ Anglican School is more than a school, it is a community and a way of life. It has been a vision of the School to create grounds that embrace the local environment, that are sustainable and that engage with the community. Families are actively encouraged to be part of their child/ren’s education with an inclusive Friends of St James’, volunteer year group representatives, support associations for Sport, Drama, Music and the Library and numerous other volunteer opportunities.