School Houses

Each student who enrols at St James’ will be assigned to a House. When the first child from a family is assigned to a House, all siblings will be assigned to the same House.

The House System is aimed at allowing students to gather together with their peers in smaller groups that will allow participation in competition, teamwork, cultural events, social events and will help contribute to the fabric of our school spirit.

All of the activities on offer will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to try new activities and to interact with students across the year groups and across the House groups. We will have House activities every fortnight.

In secondary school, the House System will help group students with their Pastoral Care Tutor.

Pastoral Care Tutors are in the same House as their students, and stay with the students, wherever possible, for the six years of their secondary school career. The Pastoral Care Tutor is the primary contact person if parents wish to discuss any concerns regarding their child.

Included but not limited to;

  • Sports
  • Art & Crafts
  • Music
  • Public speaking, Media & Leadership


The maritime history in the area in which St James’ Anglican School is located, being on the doorstep of the Alkimos wreck, provides a solid foundation for acknowledging things nautical in establishing our history. The logic behind naming the houses was driven by a need to have strong names of Western Australian wrecks, that would provide students with the opportunity to explore the history of each.

It was essential to select ships that have a history that was interesting, without being too extreme. For this reason the Batavia was not suitable with some 200 murders after the wreck occurred. The HMAS Sydney was selected because it is remembered as Australia’s worst maritime disaster, yet the coming of age of a nation. It is similar in nature to our ANZACS. We do not want to forget the history that has helped forge our nation.

House Names

Cervantes (1844)


Eglinton (1852)


Sydney (1941)


Twilight (1877)