School Policies and Compliance

Anglican Schools Commission (ASC)

The School complies with poilcies and procedures created by The Anglican Schools Commission (Inc). Click here to view the ASC policies.

St James’ has a variety of policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a positive and harmonious work and learning environment.

The Director General of the Department of Education is responsible for ensuring that the school observes the registration standards, including the standard about its complaints handling system. Any student, parent or community member is entitled to contact the Director General with concerns about how the school has dealt with a complaint. Information is available on the Department of Education website. While the Director General may consider whether the school has breached the registration standards, she does not have power to intervene in a complaint or override the school’s decision

The following policies are important to student wellbeing and the daily operations in the life of the School.

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Enrolment and Attendance Policy and Procedures
St James' Anglican School Allergy Awareness
St James' Anglican School Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking Policy
St James' Anglican School Disputes and Complaints Resolution Process for Parents and Students
St James' Anglican School Parent Code of Conduct
St James' Anglican School Healthy Food and Nutrition Policy
St James' Anglican School Sun Protection Policy
St James' Anglican School Student Mobile Phone Use Policy