To download a copy of the Department of Health’s “What you need to know” document, please click on the link below. Below is also the link to the Department of Health website.

COVID-19: What you need to know

Department of Health website

For information on basic protective measures that can be taken to limit your exposure to COVID-19, please download the document below.

COVID-19 Protective Measures


Explaining COVID-19 to children

Below is a great video on how to explain COVID-19 to children. It also contains information useful to everyone. Please take a few minutes to watch.

Video: Coronavirus: Your questions answered

The Independent Schools Counsellors’ Association has also put together a list of helpful websites that may aid parents/guardians when explaining COVID-19 to their children. The St James’ SchoolTV site also has a special report on the COVID-19 virus.

Child Mind Institute

Hey Sigmund

The Conversation

Nationwide Children’s Network

Maggie Dent


Helpful Resources

Amazon is allowing free streaming of books and audio stories for children while schools are closed.

Miss Jackson has put together a presentation on how to be a successful online student. Download it here – How to Be a Successful Online Student

The IT Department has put together the document below to answer some frequently asked questions relating to technical difficulties some may face during online learning – IT Troubleshooting Guide