Covid-19 – Myth Busters

As we continue our online learning at St James’  we would like to ensure our parents, guardians and students have all the information they need to excel during these uncertain times. The Staff at St James’ have created a list of myths which they have busted!

Myth 1: Students do not get face to face time with teachers across the School including ELC, Junior School and Senior School?

Busted: All teachers for all subjects are available at the designated time on the daily schedule and can be emailed at any time throughout the day.

Myth 2: Students have no opportunity to speak to each other during the day.

Busted: Many students use the PCG opportunity to chat to their friends and class. Teams and Zoom are great ways to speak to friends and classmates. Teachers have started to explore students playing games over Zoom/ Facetime i.e. maths games that involve dice.

Myth 3: The teachers are not marking work or providing feedback.

Busted: Students are submitting work and this will be used for the following purpose:

  • To check that students are attending their ‘lessons’ and on track to complete work,
  • To assess how much the students are learning and to prioritise areas of instruction and revision,
  • To ensure learning for assessments down the track,
  • Feedback is given on the work across all age levels and platforms – SeeSaw allows for personal feedback as does One note and SEQTA, whilst Teams allows for whole class feedback and discussion.

Myth 4: It is not worth learning anything because there is no assessment task.

Busted: Everything is worth learning, irrelevant of whether there is an assessment task. Assessments may take a varied format while online in year 7-10 and across the school, but there will be a variety of formative assessments throughout this time. (Year 11 – this is still to be determined by SCSA).

Myth 5: The daily challenges are a waste of time.

Busted: These are not compulsory challenges; however, many students have found these to be a welcome distraction during the day and look forward to these. Research has proven that daily/ weekly challenges can help to motivate children to exercise and that it is crucial to maintain exercise during these unsettling times as exercise helps to prevent stress and depression.

Myth 6: The daily schedule is too hard to keep up with.

Busted: The daily schedule is designed as a guide. Students can work through the tasks according to the schedule or at their own pace. The times on the schedule are to ensure that students have access to their teachers face to face during the day at a designated time. Students may also be able to access the modified tasks which appear on the daily lesson schedule or they may request additional support from the Satori staff.

Myth 7: There is too much work for option subjects (Senior School).

Busted: Option subjects set project-based activities that can last over a week or more. Students can work on these at their own pace and email the teachers at any time if they experience difficulties. They do not create new lessons every day and students do not have to work on each option each day. They can spread this work out over the week.

Myth 8: A complete week of schedules should be available on Monday.

Busted: Some teachers use the feedback from the students during their face to face time to determine how to proceed with their next lesson. Setting work for the week, in some cases, can cause additional stress for students. If students do finish early, there will soon be a variety of lateral thinking, extension tasks available to all. Staff also need time to plan their lessons and to ensure that they are adjusted to suit the pace of student learning during the week.

Myth 9: Is the time on the daily schedule the only time my child should spend on the subject?

Busted: Not at all. This time is when the teacher can arrange for face to face instruction or students can email questions. Students can access their lessons on SEQTA and work on them at times that suit their own schedule if they wish to. Every class teacher will arrange a designated face to face time during the week and the teacher can be emailed at any time. They will respond at the first convenient moment.

Myth 10: Will I have to do an extra year of school??!

Busted: No! Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has pledged that Year 12 students will not face more study in 2021 to complete secondary school. Mr Tehan has pledged that every Year 12 student would end 2020 with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank.

Should you have any other myths which might need busting please email