Kindergarten 2022 Information

St James’ Anglican School

Kindergarten 2022 Information
The Kindergarten program provides a variety of stimulating play-based provocations. We aim to use natural materials and encourage a wonder for the world around us. Learning opportunities are based on the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework. We plan and implement a wide range of strategies to accommodate different learning styles within the classroom environments.
We offer a range of different learning opportunities where children have agency to move through different experiences, depending on their needs and interests. This provides a platform for developing skills such as turn taking, relationship building and negotiation.
The children take responsibility for their classroom by assisting in the resetting of the environment each day. Children gather regularly on the mat to share their learning and reflect on their daily experiences.

ELC Wellness Guide

Deciding to keep your child home from school is no easy decision. Use this guide to help determine if your child should take a sick day from school, as well as what to expect.

Uniform Guidelines

Students and parents of St James’ Anglican School must understand the spirit, intention and values base that determine the School uniform guidelines.


Communicable Disease Guidelines

Your local public health can assist you with information on a range of communicable diseases and provide advice about the management of specific infections and how to prevent transmission of these infections to others in the community.