Extension & Enrichment

St James’ Anglican School offers a broad range of extension and enrichment experiences to meet the varied needs of our students. These are designed to challenge students in specific areas of interest or ability, both within the classroom context and broader community.

Differentiation within the curriculum is the key to academic success, as students are encouraged to recognise their strengths and focus on areas for improvement. They are actively involved in tracking their own progress to help set goals to ensure achievement. More academically able students are expected to work on extension tasks with peers of similar ability or enabled to work independently. The aim of extension activities is to encourage personal academic excellence through the application of inquiry-based learning and higher order cognitive skills. Students are also able to access clubs which also develop these higher order skills, such as The Tournament of Minds and The Philosophy and Ethics Club. Each of these clubs require a high level of knowledge, creativity and critical thinking which constantly challenge and extend students.

By Year 10, students are able to select their own pathway for the Core Subjects, with teacher recommendations and parental guidance. The premise is to extend the more able students to allow for a stronger transition to ATAR courses in Years 11 and 12.

The School offers annual camps and school tours to enrich the curriculum. There is a progressive camp program from Year 2 – 11, with a focus on Outdoor Education. To date, the School has offered a Canberra Tour, Japan Tour and Germany Music Tour. There are also opportunities for families to host Japanese exchange students.

Students at St James’ are encouraged to engage in a variety of co-curricular activities and competitions in each of the Learning Areas. Within these areas, there is a tiered approach to allow for participation beyond the classroom expectation. A student who excels in a specific area is able to represent the School, with opportunities to progress to state and national competition.

Individual Learning Areas also offer a variety of enrichment activities which complement the curriculum. These may include guest presenters, activities, excursions and incursions and hand-on workshops. STEM tasks are implemented regularly and encourage students to develop the key skills of creativity, initiative, leadership, problem solving and communication.

St James’ Anglican School focuses on excellence and the staff are wholly committed to helping students achieve their best.

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