At the beginning of the year Mrs Pownall and Mrs Pearce started a Club with students from the Senior School called 1000 Hearts at St James’. The idea for the club originated from Sarah De Jonge of Hobart whose aim was to spread compassion, self-kindness and kindness to others ‘one heart at a time’. From this, the 1000 Hearts at St James’ Club was formed. The 1000 Hearts at St James’ club took a few weeks to create a production line, but once this was up and running the students thrived and really enjoyed their time together.  A fantastic opportunity for St James’ students to show kindness to themselves and others within the community.

Once clubs are back up and running the 1000 Hearts at St James’ Club will be looking at ways of sharing the hearts with people both within the School and wider communities and welcome any suggestions.

For more information on how the original 1000 Hearts started please click the link below.

1000 Hearts


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