St James’ celebrated NAIDOC day on Wednesday 3 July with a full day of events across the whole school. NAIDOC week officially commences on Sunday 7 July and finishes on Sunday 14 July. The week is an important time for our nation to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The week is not only celebrated in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life, to show support and commitment in a movement for a better future together.

We were extremely fortunate to have an amazing music and language workshop with Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse. The entertaining and talented duo got the students up dancing and singing as part of the workshop to learn the Noongar Language. Sheila Humphries told her personal and heartfelt story as part of the Stolen Generation. Her words were filled with emotion and honesty and gave us all a personal insight into the heartache this piece of history has meant for Sheila and her family. The School was successful in receiving a grant from the Healing Foundation, which was used to invite Sheila to St James’.

The rest of the day was spent participating in various activities, enabling students to learn about and experience activities inspired by Indigenous culture and life.

In the Senior School a baby bush tucker garden was planted amongst the already existing vegetable garden, traditional Marngrook Football was played, Aboriginal inspired X-ray art was made, hermit crab racing was experienced, the Noongar language was learnt and students cooked Lemon Myrtle cupcakes for the entire school.

In the ELC and Junior School all students made a Native Hibiscus flower. This flower was chosen by members of the Kimberly Stolen Generation Corporation to symbolise the scattering of the Stolen Generation and the resilience to the eugenic policies of Australia. Students were also able to walk part of the Alkimos Noongar Trails around the suburb. The whole school finished the day sharing tasting platters inspired by bush tucker herbs, fruits and vegetables whilst talking in Yarning circles.

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