On Friday 14 February the Year 3-11 students descended upon HBF Arena for the 2020 Interhouse Swimming Carnival. The students participated in 25m, 50m and novelty events across the day, culminating in the House relays and Blue-Ribbon races.

At the end of the day the following students were presented with Champion trophies and Runner Up medals. The results were as follows;

Year 3

Champions:  Sienna Tenardi and Callum Jenkins

Runners Up: Lillian-May Bailey and Kaden Clarke

Year 4

Champions: Olivia Allum,  Isabella Thomson and Noah Bailey

Runners Up: Jacinta James and Oliver Amor

Year 5

Champions: Grace Tomazin and Charlie Stay

Runners Up: Sascha Higginson and Ethan Bosch

Year 6

Champions: Keeley Syme and Finn Bailey

Runners Up: Neave Williamson, Kenzie Douglas and Aaron Mitchell

Year 7

Champions: Clara Parkman and Jasper Stay

Runners Up: Halle Richards and Keaghan Raubenheimer

Year 8

Champions: Ava Tomazin and Xavier Higginson

Runners Up: Freya O’Hara and Liam Reid

Year 9

Champions: Aimee Tomazin and Matthew Van Den Ham

Runners Up: Erne Potgeiter and Jay Clarke

Year 10

Champions: Tennille Hubbard and Keeran Erikson

Runners Up: Charlee Jory and Emilio Velasco-Ridley

Year 11

Champions: Tiarna Newbold and Joel Lucas

Runners Up: Trinity Rose Della Bosca and Bradley Hounslow


A highlight of the day was the Blue-Ribbon race where the fastest 10 girls and fastest 10 boys in the 50m Freestyle from across the entire carnival raced off against each other. The results from the two races were;

Girls Blue Ribbon Race

First Place: Aimee Tomazin

Second Place: Ava Tomazin

Third Place: Freya O’Hara

Boys Blue Ribbon Race

First Place: Xavier Higginson

Second Place: Joel Lucas

Third Place: Liam Reid


Finally, the leaderboards for the Junior and Senior Carnivals;


First Place: Cervantes on 4397 points

Second Place: Eglington on 3984 points

Third Place: Sydney on 3597 points

Fourth Place: Twilight on 3049 points


First Place: Sydney on 4735 points

Second Place: Twilight on 4058 points

Third Place: Eglington on 3481 points

Fourth Place: Cervantes on 2912 points

There was a fantastic spirit and atmosphere at the carnival, helped largely by a brilliant turn out in the spectator’s section. Special thanks to the parent volunteers who provided great assistance at the finishing end of the pool and to the staff who performed various roles to provide a competitive, inclusive and enjoyable carnival.


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