As most students are getting their haircut over the holidays ready for the return to school, Year 4 student Olivia Van den Ham is madly trying to grow her hair. Olivia is hoping to get it as long as possible, before cutting it all off for a good cause. Olivia is raising money for Epilepsy WA, taking donations for her brave and selfless act through her Everyday Hero fundraising page. Over the break, Olivia was interviewed by her teacher, Mr Crane, about her courageous decision to undertake this fundraising effort.


Mr Crane: What are your favourite subjects at school?

Olivia: At the moment, Art and HASS but I really do like school in general.


Mr Crane: What do you like to do for fun on the weekends?

Olivia: Jump on the trampoline and play with my dog, Buddy.


Mr Crane: This fundraiser is so special, Olivia. When did you make the decision to donate your hair to charity?

Olivia: I decided last year to grow my hair after reading about it with Mum. It is so hard for people with illnesses, and their families, and I think we can all help in different ways.


Mr Crane: Why have you decided to support Epilepsy WA?

Olivia: My friend, Noah (Year 3 student), has epilepsy and it is very hard for him. Besides being a good friend, raising awareness is a way I can help him.


Mr Crane: How long have you known Noah?

Olivia: I’ve known him since Year 1 (three years).


Mr Crane: Hannah (Olivia’s mum), how do you feel about this wonderful gesture?

Hannah: I am incredibly proud. As parents, we strive to raise our children to be strong and compassionate, to see such selflessness and kindness has blown me away, especially at such a tender age. We looked at different charities together and after explaining how it all works, Olivia was set on supporting Epilepsy WA. They do an amazing job and rely on donations for their funding.


Mr Crane: Olivia, what would you like to do when you finish school?

Olivia: I don’t know yet. I want to have a job that pays enough for me to raise a happy, healthy family but also have enough time to spend with them at home. I also want to be a dancer.

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