This year, Mary Poppins blew into St James’ on a fresh breeze over the ocean. The St James’ production of Mary Poppins Jr featured performers and crew members from Years 5 to 10. Our cast rehearsed weekly after school (with the occasional weekend) for six months before our performance on the Allan Shaw Auditorium stage. The Production was supported by many staff and parents who gave up their time. Through our combined efforts and determination, we put on a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, outstanding performance! Well done and congratulations to all cast and crew!

Miss Christina Claire – Director

“My Mary Poppins production experience was something I had never done before and now  I have the musical bug. I was very nervous before I stepped on the stage. Once I did, the feeling was amazing, and I never wanted the Show to end. I gained so much more confidence from this production and I really felt my singing ability (because I was singing all the time) improved so much. It really taught me to become a whole other person and I loved it. I really wanted to be a part of the Production because I love singing, acting and dancing, I thought why don’t I try them all at once? I would recommend anyone to join a production, no matter who you are, you will be accepted. It requires a team and so you will make lots of new friends along the way. Overall, preparation is the key to having an amazing performance and we all worked so hard for our night to be “practically perfect in every way”.  We only had one night, and we nailed it.”

Susie Cano, Year 8

“I wanted to join the cast because I really enjoyed the challenge and experience of our previous production, Annie Jr. I was also pretty sure I still had more acting in me and wanted to challenge myself. I enjoyed being around people who enjoyed doing the same thing as I did and creating energy on, and off, the stage. Being around teachers who enjoyed creating and being a part of what they did was also great. I liked the challenge of learning lines and choreography too.”

Isaac Faithfull, Year 8


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