What a terrific time we had at AQWA! Our event started off with great excitement – the big bus had a flat tyre! But thanks to the team spirit of the Orange Army everything was very quickly reshuffled and we were on our way. We didn’t let a little thing like a flat tyre dampen our spirits.

On arrival we met the AQWA staff – Sian and Madalin. They took us around the aquarium and we entered the Danger Zone and Perth Coast. We learned a lot about stonefish, peacock mantis shrimp, blue-ringed octopus, cone shells, blowfish, lionfish and sea snakes.

Then we got to choose our sleeping spots in the tunnel of the aquarium! Just being part of the marine life was amazing. By the time we got organised it was getting late, we watched a short documentary and then it was time for bed. As we drifted off to sleep we chatted and watched all the various species of fish swimming above us.

At 10:30pm the lights on the aquarium were dimmed and the staff very very surprised that most of us were all asleep by 11:30pm!

We woke and quickly got organised ready for breakfast. The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed the morning sun as we went to feed the fish. We visited the Loggerhead Turtles and got a turn at the Touch Pool. As we were such a wonderful group of listeners, we were able to take part in an extra activity, the Coral Reef enclosure. Then it was back to School where we watched a movie before heading home at 3.10pm.

Mrs Edell Robertson


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