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Student Absences

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child attends school every day unless there are acceptable reasons for absences. Parents/Guardians are asked to notify the School of any absence before 8:30am on the day of the absence. Absence notifications can be either emailed to or contact the school on 6336 8330.

Please note: Absences of more than two days require a medical certificate.

Student Appointments

If your child has an external appointment and must leave school early, please ensure the following steps are completed.

1. The parent or guardian must email their child’s PCG Tutor and cc: confirming the details of the appointment and the time their child will be required to leave school. The PCG Tutor will make sure your child’s other teachers are aware they will be leaving early.

2. Parent/Guardians please ensure your child is aware of the time they need to leave their class for the appointment. 

It is the students responsibility to ensure they leave the class at the right time and are in Reception waiting to be collected by their parent or guardian.

3. Parent/Guardians are to collect and sign their child out from Reception.

4. Students will not be allowed to leave the School on their own.

For upcoming appointments, we would appreciate if you could provide as much notice as possible.

For any last-minute appointments that students may not be aware of can parents or guardians please email Student Services at

Student Services will make sure your child is then made aware of the appointment and what time they need to be in Reception to be collected.

Late Arrivals

Late students must report to Reception on arrival. They must sign-in on the student iPad located at Reception and collect the sign-in slip to take to their teacher.

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