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Camps & Tours

St James’ Anglican School believes that camps and tours form an integral part of our curriculum and provide experiences and activities central to students’ academic and personal development.

Experiential learning is well founded in education, and provides unique opportunities, which will endeavour to enhance learning outcomes across all subject areas for our students.  Through camps and tours, students are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities beyond the usual school settings.

Students are able to interact with their teachers and peers in a setting vastly different from the classroom. With these day-to-day barriers broken, there is great potential for positive interaction at a much higher level.

A school priority is establishing harmonious school relationships for the achievement of common goals and camps are a natural extension of this philosophy.

Secondary Assistance Scheme Years 7 - 12

Secondary Assistance Scheme 

The State Government through the Western Australian Department of Education provides an allowance to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs. To be eligible for the allowance the parent/guardian muct hold a Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Veterans’ Affairs card that represents a statement of income for the family.

The allowance consists of two components:

  • $115 Clothing Allowance paid directly to the parent/guardian.
  • $235 Educational Program Allowance paid directly to the school.

Secondary Assistance Application Form 2019



Forms are currently under construction.

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SEQTA Engage

Student Reports:

Most parents will already have a login to SEQTA Engage as the same system is used for accessing semester reports. If you do not have a login, please contact the School Administration.

Above is a link to SEQTA Engage; otherwise you will need type the following into the address bar of your browser:

Teachers are currently configuring their SEQTA marks books to release results for some recent assessments. The system works as follows: 

  1. Teachers enter marks into the SEQTA system.
  2. Marks are checked with colleagues and then released to you.
  3. Parents receive an email advising results are available.
  4. Each time marks are released, an email is sent to you.

Should you have any queries regarding the releasing of marks, please see the class or subject teachers. We hope you find this new system helpful and easy to navigate.

Social Media Guide

Using social media has become a regular part of life for most young people. Supporting your child to manage the risks on social media means they can safely enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. It can be hard to keep track of what platforms are most popular with your child and their friends.

The types of platform your child may use include;

  • Social media networks; Facebook (where people interact with others)
  • Microblogging; Twitter, Tumblr (where users broadcast short messages)
  • Messaging apps; Kik Messenger, Snapchat (where texts and short videos can be sent)
  • Media Sharing; YouTube, Instagram (where photos and videos are shared)
  • Multi-player online games; Fortnite, World of Warcraft (Gaming where users interact)

St James’ Anglican School would like to provide the School Community with information to guide parents to keeping their children safe on social media.


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