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Council Members


  • Mrs Keva Crouch – Chair of School Council
  • Mr Allan Griffiths
  • Mrs Jane Stacey
  • Mrs Caroline Giles
  • Mrs Louise Love
  • Mrs Kristy Alderson
  • Mrs Jenny Xie
  • Reverend Marie Aitken

School Representatives:

  • Mr Adrian Pree (Principal)
  • Ms Lisa Whitty (Business Manager)


Strategic Plan

For the St James’ Anglican School, 2022 – 2024 Strategic Plan please click on the link below;

School Performance and Information Report

St James’ Anglican School will produce an Annual Performance Information Report for the previous year. The report provides a statistical overview of some of the major elements of the School’s daily operations.

Please click on the link below to view the St James’ Anglican School Annual School Performance and Information Report;

Student Profile

97.1% of St James’ Year 12 students achieved the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) in 2022.

[State WACE achievement 91.5% (2021)]



2022 Median ATAR: 88.85

(State Median ATAR: 83.45)