St James Anglican Church

The Parish is in the northern suburbs of Perth, and covers the areas from Trinity in Alkimos to 92 kilometres north to Lancelin and from the coast on the west to Brand Highway on the east.

We are of the traditional Anglican model in our services. The link with the School is that the worship centre is the chapel to the School and the church to the parish.

The Reverend Marie Aitken has experience volunteering in local schools and is well aligned with the flavour of St James’ Anglican School. Marie’s vision is to engage the community on as many levels as possible and make all feel welcome in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Services are held: 

Fridays – 9:00am and 6:30pm  – please note these services are currently in abeyance – recommencement of services to be advised in due course.

Sundays – 10:00am

Easter Service Times

  • Sunday 10 April, 10.00am – Liturgy of the Palms with Holy Communion (St James, Alkimos)
  • Friday 15 April, 10.00am – Solemn Liturgy of the Passion (St James, Alkimos)
  • Sunday 17 April, 6.30am – Easter Dawn Service (Upper Pagoda, Guilderton Beach, Guilderton)
  • Sunday 17 April, 10.00am – Easter Day Holy Communion with Baptisms (St James, Alkimos)

Contact details:


Tel: (+61) 0424 499 307