Junior School

Walk around our Junior School on any school day and you will see the energy and enthusiasm of children. Our wonderful staff tap into this creativity and encourage girls and boys to give their best effort. We all have a commitment to respect and care for each other and see learning as a privilege. This attitude helps the Junior School to be a place where students can ‘find their place’, whether it be in academic studies, creative arts, sport or community service. Growing children need teachers who understand where they are at and what is possible for the future. From the start of Kindergarten to the end of the primary years, the students in the Junior School are cared for, understood and challenged. In the Junior School our general classes and specialist programs allow diversity and encourage working together with classmates and teachers.

It is a great place to learn. Children starting at the School in Kindergarten are beginning a wonderful learning adventure and the start of a new phase of life away from home. Our class teachers are the primary carers for the girls and boys in the Junior School. Matters of discipline, pastoral care and learning are all part of the class teacher’s role, with the support of the ELC Coordinator, Deputy Head of Junior School and Head of Junior School. Learning in a variety of subjects and through a variety of ways is a core part of the Junior School day.

We follow the Western Australian Curriculum and include specialist Art, Japanese, Music and PE classes from Pre-Primary. Chapel and Christian Studies (CAVE – Christian and Values Education) lessons take place every week. Each student learns about the main message of the Christian faith and how we are to live in our world. Chapel is lively and full of great songs, creative talks and student involvement. The Junior School has two main buildings – the ELC (Kindergarten to Year 2) and the Year 3 – 6 building.

We encourage family involvement, whether it is through the regular classroom helper rosters, special event volunteers or support at home with homework or encouragement. It is our privilege to work with families in the vital primary school years of their children. Opportunities for outdoor education camps, excursions, sport, clubs and interest groups continue to grow in the Junior School. We have a varied after schools clubs program that allows students to follow an interest area such as martial arts, chess, various sports, art, wildlife, music and many more.

Above all, it is the students who bring life to our school. They are energetic, love learning and have an optimistic outlook. There is always something to learn in the Junior School.

Life & Learning